Digital Humanities in the Classroom


Smartboards, laptops, clickers and other facets of technology have forever changed how students can interact with one another and the digital world within the classroom. While this has been liberating for students and teachers alike, it has also presented challenges for instructors intent on incorporating digital humanities into our research and teaching. This session will ask questions about how digital projects can interact with and benefit from the university community. We propose to have a conversation about the ways that digital projects can be integrated into the classroom.   We will discuss the ways an instructor might balance traditional forms of research and writing, like literary analysis or historical research, with digital projects.


    Some other questions for discussion might include:

  • How should an instructor balance teaching course content with teaching technology?

  • What responsibilities should undergraduate researchers have?  How much oversight should the professor have?

  • What role would peer review play in the creation of a digital humanities project as a course requirement?

  • How can we facilitate interdisciplinary teaching and learning to facilitate digital humanities when we are often constrained by the categories in the course catalog?


Proposed by Kim Armstrong, Mary Mahoney, and Kevin Finefrock


New Sponsor for THATCamp NE 2013

One of the reasons THATCamp is inexpensive is thanks to generous sponsors. This year, one of our sponsors is QSR International, a research software company, responsible for NVivo among other things. Learn more about QSR by visiting their FAQs. Thanks QSR!

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Maker Challenge!

Are you up for a challenge? Heard of the Maker Challenge? At THATCamp CHNM (Prime) this summer, there was the hugely popular Maker Challenge. All campers were invited to make something over the course of two days, with prizes awarded for the best three entries. Guess what? THATCamp New England 2013 @ UConn has decided to sponsor a Maker Challenge.

What’s Involved?

  • You (or a group) will make something (a plugin, an app, a document, a website, a Twitterbot, an ebook, an Omeka.net archive, a Zotero bibliography, a Wikipedia page, even a project plan or a PowerPoint presentation or what you will).
  • You (or a group) will post a link to and description of your project in a blog post on this site and categorize it under “Maker Challenge” (the category exists already).
  • You (or a group) will show what you’ve done in 3 minutes or less than 5 minutes or more on Saturday October 19th at the last session (details will be coming soon). If you have already left, this session’s moderator will present it for you.
  • Anyone with a THATCamp account can vote for your project by logging in at newengland2013.thatcamp.org, then navigating to the blog post for your project and clicking “Favorite”.

More details coming soon…


Counting down to THATCamp NE 2013 @ UConn

Things are starting to really move here at UConn for THATCamp New England. The schedule so far is looking great! You can see all the developments here on our website. You’ll notice that we already have our keynote speaker, Dan Cohen, the Founding Executive Director of the Digital Public Library of America, and a number of amazing workshops.

But of course, THATCamp is your camp. We need you to propose sessions! It’s easy to do. First you need to register after which you’ll receive your username and password for our website. With that, log into our THATCampNE website (newengland2013.thatcamp.org). Then create a new “POST” with the category of “session-proposal”. Be daring and add one of these sub-categories: “session-make”, “session-play”, “session-teach”, “session-talk”. Don’t worry if you’re new to WordPress. Check out “Writing Posts” (codex.wordpress.org/Writing_Posts) or our Propose (newengland2013.thatcamp.org/propose/) page.

We have reserved rooms at the Nathan Hall Inn and Conference Center with a THATCamp group rate of $144, which includes free parking. The cutoff date for the group rate is September 17, 2013. Nathan Hall is about a 5 minute walk from Homer Babbidge Library. There are also other options including bed and breakfasts in the area. Take a look at our Lodging page (newengland2013.thatcamp.org/travel/lodging/).

If you’re not far from UConn, we have directions including maps of campus on our website (newengland2013.thatcamp.org/travel/directions/). On Friday, the closest parking garage is the South Garage, which is located next to the Gampel Sports Complex off of Stadium Road. The South Parking Garage only accepts cash. There is also a parking garage in the new downtown area of Storrs, which is located off of Dog Lane. This Storrs Center Parking Garage is about a 10 minute walk from Homer Babbidge Library. On Saturday, you can park for free on campus!


DH Values Statement Platform

In her contribution to <em>Debates in the Digital Humanities</em>, Lisa Spiro called for <a href=”dhdebates.gc.cuny.edu/debates/text/13“>”Defining the Values of the Digital Humanities.”</a> This session proposal stems from a question I recently asked on Twitter: Has anyone followed up on this idea? I received answers indicating that no explicit, wide-ranging response has been undertaken, though some (individual, small-group, institutional) value statements do exist. The discussion on Twitter also indicates that there is interest in pursuing the question further.

I propose to build a platform for promoting, collecting, and showcasing DH values statements, to be hosted by the UConn Scholars’ Collaborative and open to the entire DH community.

Here are some initial questions that I have to get us started:
<li>What is the best type of platform for this project (e.g. wiki, collective blog)?</li>
<li>What are the values we might adopt as a group creating this platform–values that can serve as one contribution to the project?</li>
<li>How will we promote this project and gather contributions?</li>
These are only a few questions, and I’m interested to see what others come up with as we discuss, plan, and get this project started at THATCamp.


How To Propose A Session

We’re getty closer to THATCamp New England at UConn. Perhaps you’re thinking of proposing a session! Once you register, you will get a username and password for our THATCampNE site. When you get that information and the link to our site, log in to create a new post with the category “session-proposal”. If you haven’t used WordPress before, check out their helpful support page for writing posts. To add a category, just look at the right hand navigation panel under “Secured Categories”. You’ll see one for “session-proposal”. You’ll also see 4 others: “session-make”, “session-play”, “session-talk” and “session-teach”. These are subcategories. If you select a subcategory, remember to also check the main category “session-proposal” as well. Check out our page Propose to get the full details.


Things To Add to Your THATCamp Schedule

Our first post was entitled, “Look What Is In Storrs For You”! And we weren’t kidding. We might be in the semi-rural area of Storrs, CT. But there’s been a lot of change in and around UConn. While you’re at THATCamp, we hope you’ll join us for tours of the Scholar’s Collaborative and the Imagination Station. We also hope you’ll take a moment for a social breat at one of the great new venues in and around UConn.

Yup…. there is a Downtown Storrs! There’s several restaurants like Moe’s or Dog Lane Cafe. You can also find frozen yoghurt and sweets. There’s a new building just being finished, which I hear will also have an Asian fusian restaurant among other things.


Stay Tuned!

We’re getting ready for another amazing unconference here at the University of Connecticut. Our first tweet went out telling THATCamp folks that Registration is open. Remember to follow us on #thatcampne.

We have some exciting news to share with you! Dan Cohen, the Executive Director of the Digital Public Library of America has just confirmed to be our Keynote Speaker for THATCamp New England 2013! You can read more about Dan at his blog.

During the next couple of weeks, we’ll be adding content to our schedule and proposals. Definitely keep an eye on the great workshops coming your way.

Do you have an idea for THATCamp New England? Go to our Propose page and add your the title and summary of your proposal. Don’t forget to add your name, title, affiliation.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!


Save The Date!

THATCamp New England is back this Fall 2013 for another amazing unconference! Join us this coming October 18 and 19, 2013 at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT.

Registration is now open! Check out our Register page.

Do you already have an idea that you want to share with your fellow campers at THATCamp New England? Great! You can register and then post your proposal. Remember to include the title of your topic, a short description, and your name, title and affiliation.

Feel the urge to tweet about us already? Reach out at #THATCampNE.

More details on the way… Read the rest of this entry »


Look what is in Storrs for you!

Look what is in Storrs for you! There’s a new THATCamp New England being planned for 18-19 October 2013! The details will be published here when known. Meanwhile, read more about the THATCamp movement and browse other THATCamps at thatcamp.org.

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