Sep 04

How To Propose A Session

We’re getty closer to THATCamp New England at UConn. Perhaps you’re thinking of proposing a session! Once you register, you will get a username and password for our THATCampNE site. When you get that information and the link to our site, log in to create a new post with the category “session-proposal”. If you haven’t used WordPress before, check out their helpful support page for writing posts. To add a category, just look at the right hand navigation panel under “Secured Categories”. You’ll see one for “session-proposal”. You’ll also see 4 others: “session-make”, “session-play”, “session-talk” and “session-teach”. These are subcategories. If you select a subcategory, remember to also check the main category “session-proposal” as well. Check out our page Propose to get the full details.

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