Sep 12

Maker Challenge!

Are you up for a challenge? Heard of the Maker Challenge? At THATCamp CHNM (Prime) this summer, there was the hugely popular Maker Challenge. All campers were invited to make something over the course of two days, with prizes awarded for the best three entries. Guess what? THATCamp New England 2013 @ UConn has decided to sponsor a Maker Challenge.

What’s Involved?

  • You (or a group) will make something (a plugin, an app, a document, a website, a Twitterbot, an ebook, an Omeka.net archive, a Zotero bibliography, a Wikipedia page, even a project plan or a PowerPoint presentation or what you will).
  • You (or a group) will post a link to and description of your project in a blog post on this site and categorize it under “Maker Challenge” (the category exists already).
  • You (or a group) will show what you’ve done in 3 minutes or less than 5 minutes or more on Saturday October 19th at the last session (details will be coming soon). If you have already left, this session’s moderator will present it for you.
  • Anyone with a THATCamp account can vote for your project by logging in at newengland2013.thatcamp.org, then navigating to the blog post for your project and clicking “Favorite”.

More details coming soon…

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