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Oct 18

DH Project Pattern Language

In at least two fields that I know of, practitioners make conscious use of documented patterns. You can’t swing a chicken without hitting them in the software and web development worlds, from the Gang of Four book to Yahoo’s design pattern library, perhaps throwing Twitter Bootstrap into the mix. Architecture holds a place as the …

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Oct 12

Geospatial Showcase

I'd like to propose a show-and-tell session for people who are making maps or want to get started with them. Anyone who wants to participate can spend a few minutes showing a map they made—and preferably, actually rendering the map in front of everyone else. Hopefully we'll have a diversity of mapping methods which will …

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Sep 06

DH Values Statement Platform

In her contribution to <em>Debates in the Digital Humanities</em>, Lisa Spiro called for <a href=”“>”Defining the Values of the Digital Humanities.”</a> This session proposal stems from a question I recently asked on Twitter: Has anyone followed up on this idea? I received answers indicating that no explicit, wide-ranging response has been undertaken, though some (individual, …

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