Oct 12

Geospatial Showcase

I'd like to propose a show-and-tell session for people who are making maps or want to get started with them. Anyone who wants to participate can spend a few minutes showing a map they made—and preferably, actually rendering the map in front of everyone else. Hopefully we'll have a diversity of mapping methods which will give us a quick overview of the possibilities. Then for the remainder of the session, we'll talk about what was interesting in the maps we saw, and how to make them. Perhaps we'll break up into smaller groups so that mapping masters can give impromptu tutorials to beginners. By bringing together all the mapmakers into one place, I hope people will also be able to find someone who has already solved some of the problems they're facing.

If the scheduling crowd preferred, we could make this session more general, and turn it into a data analysis showcase. 


  1. Jack Dougherty

    Lincoln, thumbs up for this session proposal, especially if we can persuade the UConn MAGIC (Map and Geographic Information Center) crew to join us.

    On a related note, this weekend I need to update my online tutorial, “How to create thematic data maps with Google Fusion Tables” to incorporate new features they added this summer, such as automatic legends (support.google.com/fusiontables/answer/185991), which my students will need next week. This session might be a good opportunity to ask for feedback.

  2. Emily Kugler

    I am very interested in this session. If there are tutorials, I’d love to do something with using historical maps as skins on something like Google maps.

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