Oct 18

Where do games fit?

Catch-all for gamers, game-players, and the game-curious. A no-holds-barred arena for figuring out whether making and/or studying games really do(es) fall under DH, and for making a list of the possible ways to say “Yes, games are part of DH.” Above all, let’s compare notes on treatments of this question that we’ve run across, like Patrick Jagoda’s essay on gamification, which I link below.

Background: I’m embarked on a lunatic quest to persuade the world that games precede the humanities themselves, and that the humanities could benefit greatly from seeing texts as rulesets. Cf. this post on Play the Past.

See also: Patrick Jagoda’s contribution to the debate over gamification and his much fuller treatment in a recent essay.

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  1. Rosanna Longenbaker

    I wonder how the same games are handled in different countries. I found it interesting to watch how my host siblings would play SIMS in Spain. This would be interesting to discuss.

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