Oct 18

THATCamp New England Business Meeting

THATCamp New England is a loosely run organization, but it does have some business to transact. I’d like to hold a session on Saturday to take care of some business. Ideally the following kinds of people would come:

  • previous organizers of THATCamp New England
  • anyone who is interested in organizing a future THATCamp New England
  • and anyone who just wants to be in the loop

The main business to transact is to find the institution (or institutions) who want to hold THATCamp New England next fall or spring. There is no need for a firm commitment at this point, but if you’re interested, then you’ll want to get in line tomorrow.

The other business is to thinking about sustaining THATCamp NE from year to year. There are two things to keep in mind. First, the Mellon grant to CHNM that funds the central organization of THATCamp (i.e., Amanda French’s amazing efforts as chief THATCampista, and thatcamp.org) will be finished soon, and the central organization of what will follow is still being organized. This shouldn’t affect THATCamp NE too much, since we haven’t received Mellon money for a couple years, but we do need to make plans for continuity on our part and on how we can contribute back to the international organization. Second, our multiyear grant from NERCOMP which has provided the lion’s share of our funding for the past three years will run out after next year,¬†and we need to make plans to continue sustainable funding. It would be great if people with connections at their institutions could help make plans for raising funds (we don’t require much).

I hope we can wrap up this business very quickly (let’s say no more than half an hour) and move on to other sessions.

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