Oct 02

DH and Student Outreach/Programming

DH can go beyond the classroom.  At Wheaton, we’re experimenting with ways to take some of the core concepts of digital humanities and find expression for them in the form of student outreach programs and events. We can certainly talk a bit  about our projects– so far they amount to a lecture series and a student curation program–but we’re most interested in a good conversation (high-falutin’, low falutin’, mid-falutin’) that exchanges ideas and perhaps even generates new ones: for us, colleagues at other institutions or maybe even collaborations that connect us.


  • Which DH concepts and values best translate to outreach programs for undergraduates?
  • What do (or can) those programs look like?
  • How do (or can) student outreach and programming related to DH best have a curricular impact?


(Proposed with Amy Barlow)

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