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Oct 19


Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 4.24.23 PM

To go with the session on playing with non-textual data, Peter Leonard, Lauren Tilton, and I put together an interactive browser for images. Using d3 and html5, it lets you take a large set of images and their metadata and arrange them graphically in the browser. It adds local hosting, mouseover effects, and (most fun) …

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Oct 19

Maker Challenge: Correspondence Network of Isaac Hull


For the Maker Challenge, I present two network graphs of Isaac Hull’s correspondence. These graphs are a visualization of the letterbook of Master Commandant Isaac Hull, of the U.S. brig Argus, from 1803 to the end of 1805, when Hull was stationed in the Mediterranean and was part of the capture of the city of …

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Oct 18

Integrate Omeka Repository into WordPress Site

At THATCamp Prime this summer, I considered entering the Maker Challenge with this very problem. ¬†Four months later, I’m still working on it, so why not try again? During DorkShorts on Saturday, I’ll present the current version of, the website I am building with the goal of developing a community of practice focused on …

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Sep 12

Maker Challenge!

Are you up for a challenge? Heard of the Maker Challenge? At THATCamp CHNM (Prime) this summer, there was the hugely popular Maker Challenge. All campers were invited to make something over the course of two days, with prizes awarded for the best three entries. Guess what? THATCamp New England 2013 @ UConn has decided …

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Sep 06

DH Values Statement Platform

In her contribution to <em>Debates in the Digital Humanities</em>, Lisa Spiro called for <a href=”“>”Defining the Values of the Digital Humanities.”</a> This session proposal stems from a question I recently asked on Twitter: Has anyone followed up on this idea? I received answers indicating that no explicit, wide-ranging response has been undertaken, though some (individual, …

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