Adam Nemeroff

  • Title / Position: Instructional Designer
  • Organization: University of Connecticut
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @adamnem

I am an Instructional Designer at the UConn's online learning unit (eCampus). I help instructors across a variety of disciplines design summer/intersession online courses as well as graduate certificate courses.

I graduated in 2011 with my undergrad degrees in History and Secondary History Education (BA/BS). I continued my studies in Curriculum and Instruction and graduated with my Master's in 2012.

I am interested in the the fields of e-learning and online faculty development. I am currently working with Jae-eun Joo from the School of Education on a project related to Online Faculty Development. I am interested in digital humanities informally at the moment, but I see it's value and potential for both scholarship and online teaching. I am interested in continuing my studies in the area of e-learning more formally as well.

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