Oct 16

Life and Scholarship in Plain Text

Last year at THATCamp New England I gave a workshop on using plain text for scholarship, especially using Markdown and Pandoc. Tom Scheinfeldt and Abby Mullen apparently struck some kind of deal whereby I am obligated to talk about Markdown, so here is a session proposal. I propose that we talk about how how to write scholarly work in Markdown and Pandoc. If we want, we can also talk about more esoteric plain text tools like git and knitr and LaTeX. If you’re interested in doing this session, then you might want to take a look at the compilation of links here.


  1. Trip Kirkpatrick

    This sounds interesting. Do you have experience with Pandoc? Looks like a bit of a pain to set up, but the ability to output in so many different ways intrigues me.

    1. Lincoln Mullen

      Yes, Pandoc is what I use for everything. This is dated but it might help.

      1. Trip Kirkpatrick

        Righteous. Here’s hoping I get to be in that session.

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